Interview with Vendini

Vendini is the leader in cloud-based ticketing solutions. Thousands of organizations utilize Vendini’s solutions for event promotionticket salesbox office management and mobile ticketing and scanning. The company’s suite of applications includes a fully integrated marketing system to promote events via email and social networks like Facebook and Twitter.  With over a decade of experience, Vendini is the preferred provider for thousands of organizations including Folk West, Arena Theater in Houston and Irvine Barclay Theatre.

 How do you think online ticketing software has helped music and film festivals world-wide?

Online ticketing has allowed festivals sell more tickets by giving fans an easy way to buy tickets when they decide they want to go.  Lost sales are reduced while waiting for the box office to open or someone to answer the phone.   Costs are reduced as box office orders, printing and fulfilling of tickets is moved to print at home and electronic tickets.

How has film and music festivals impacted Vendini?

Music and film festivals have helped Vendini to expand our product in many different ways to support them, including multi day passes, RFID support, and on site services.

How has Vendini’s ticketing system helped increase ticket sales at film and music festivals?

Vendini not only helps festivals with online sales but also with marketing solutions via multiple channels including email, online, social (Facebook and Twitter), and friend to friend (see Walletini in the mobile app stores).

Has the presence of social media and the ability to share information with your peers made a significant impact on ticket sale growth for concerts?

We have seen our customers percentage of ticket sales through social channels grow over 50% in the past year alone.  As commerce through mobile and social channels becomes mainstream, we expect this growth to continue.

What is your perspective on the future of film and music festivals?

Our customers are seeing growth in their festivals as fans are gravitating more towards events versus single acts and films.  We expect this trend to continue and see a bright future for festivals.


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